Ferrite materials


Today's electronics applications always require high quality in all areas. This quality must be based on reliable components.

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We offer an extensive range of high-quality and reliable ferrite components.

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With almost 40 years of experience, we supply customers from a wide range of industries worldwide.

Ferrite materials

We offer our extensive range of ferrite cores in the materials BFM8 and BFM9 as well as in the high-permeability materials BFM2k, BFM3k, BFM6k BFM10k and BFM11k.

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Our ferrite materials BFM8 and BFM9 are ideally suited for applications in power electronics. These materials excel especially in a very low dissipation property at a frequency from up to 500 kHz.

We offer the materials BFM8 and BFM 9 in a wide range of core shapes like: E, EC, EFD, ELP, EP, ER, ETD, EVD, P-Cores (shell cores), Planar, PM, PQ, I, U, URR, RM, toroidal cores as well as ferrite plate or ferrite block.

These power ferrites are being used in switching power supplies, transformers, chokes, as ferrite modules (charging electronic for electric vehicles, for example as ferrite module in inductive energy transmission) or medical technology.

Our high permeable ferrite materials are available in BFM2k, BFM3k, BFM6k and BFM10k versions.

For further Information about out materials please refer to the corresponding data sheets.

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Terms and definitions
Power materials
low power loss
High permeability material
Highly permeable material BFM10k