Environment – when it comes to sustainability

Environmental awareness is
close to our hearts –
Environmental protection is
in our hands.

Passion for Passives - Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH

For almost 40 years, it has been a matter of course for us to take responsibility. That’s why environmental protection is important to Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH.

As a commercial enterprise, we acknowledge our shared responsibility for securing the natural foundations of life. Our aim is to reconcile environmental concerns and the interests of our company. This makes environmental protection a binding part of our corporate activities. The future-oriented, sustainable use of natural resources represents our duty to future generations. For us, economic success and ecological responsibility are not a contradiction. At the same time, we are aware of the interaction between ecology and economy. The economy has no future prospects without responsible handling of the environment and ecology without a view of economic viability endangers prosperity and the existence of companies. We take on the challenge of combining both principles.

The basis of our actions in environmental protection are legal and official requirements, as well as internal environmental regulations based on them. By adhering to them and maintaining a balanced relationship between ecology and economy, we want to live up to our social responsibility towards our employees, society and the environment.

Environmental awareness is close to our hearts - Environmental protection is in our hands.

We pay attention to environmentally friendly and sustainable materials when purchasing. In this way, we avoid negative effects on the environment and prevent the introduction of substances that are harmful to the environment and health into our products. We expect our suppliers to have similarly high environmental standards as ours.

Our facilities and products are planned, operated, developed and manufactured with environmental considerations. In addition to technological and economic aspects, we also pay attention to their impact on the environment and health. This ensures the sustainability and environmental friendliness of our products.

We use the technical and economic possibilities to avoid or reduce waste and emissions. Unavoidable waste and emissions are disposed of professionally and in an environmentally way. Wherever possible, materials used are recycled.

We regularly monitor and evaluate the status of environmental protection and the necessary technical and organizational procedures in our company in order to identify weak points and initiate the necessary measures.

We pursue an open information policy internally and externally in order to strengthen trust in our actions in environmental protection and sustainability.
By setting these goals, we believe that we are living up to our responsibility towards the environment and also giving impetus to all employees, as well as our suppliers and customers, to continue to work towards preserving the environment.