Ferrites as Ferrite blocks / Ferrite plates / Ferrite tiles

Wide range of applications


Today's electronics applications always require high quality in all areas. This quality must be based on reliable components.

Extensive program

We offer an extensive range of high-quality and reliable ferrite components.

Many years of experience

With almost 40 years of experience, we supply customers from a wide range of industries worldwide.

Ferrite materials

We offer our extensive range of ferrite cores in the materials BFM8 and BFM9 as well as in the high-permeability materials BFM2k, BFM3k, BFM6k BFM10k and BFM11k.

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Ferrites as Ferrite blocks / Ferrite plates / Ferrite tiles

Blinzinger’s ferrite blocks, ferrite plates, I-cores, ferrite yokes or ferrite rods are suitable for a wide range of applications, e.g. induction heating, as components for antennas or for magnetic shielding, in charging technology for electric cars (hybrids and all-electric), for generating electromagnetic fields (e.g. in medical technology) or in high-voltage transformers (e.g. for X-ray equipment/systems)./p>

Ferrites as Ferrite blocks / Ferrite plates / Ferrite tiles

Our Ferrite blocks / Ferrite plates / Ferrite tiles data sheets for download as PDF

Version: Ferrite block / Ferrite plate (available as very thin Ferrite platelet as well) / Ferrite tile

Core shape / core sizeMeasurements
A x B x C
Core material / materialWeight (g) approx.Air gap / AL value customer-specificDelivery as
Ferritblock 30x20x630 x 20 x 6BFM817upon requestItem
Ferritblock 46x30x2846 x 30 x 28BFM8150upon requestItem
Ferritblock 50x40x2050 x 40 x 20BFM8190upon requestItem
Ferritplatte 51x51x0,751 x 51 x 0,7BFM810upon requestItem
Ferritblock 51,7x51,7x2051,7 x 51,7 x 20BFM8260upon requestItem
Ferritblock 53,3x53,3x53,353,3 x 53,3 x 53,3BFM8706upon requestItem
Ferritstab 54x18x754 x 18 x 7BFM833upon requestItem
Ferritblock 78x57x1078 x 57 x 10BFM8200upon requestItem
Ferritstab 90x18x1090 x 18 x 10BFM878upon requestItem
Ferritblock 90x40x1090 x 40 x 10BFM8170upon requestItem
Ferritblock 92x57x1092 x 57 x 10BFM8240upon requestItem
I93x28x1693 x 28 x 16BFM8615upon requestItem
I93x28x3093 x 28 x 30BFM81150upon requestItem
Ferritblock 93x40x2893 x 40 x 28BFM8700upon requestItem
Ferritstab 100x30x6100 x 30 x 6BFM886upon requestItem
Ferritblock 100x50x40100 x 50 x 40BFM8960upon requestItem
Ferritblock 100x100x40100 x 100 x 40BFM81920upon requestItem
Ferritplatte 110x50x26110 x 50 x 26BFM8660upon requestItem
Ferritplatte 120x40x6120 x 40 x 6BFM8140upon requestItem
Ferritblock 120x40x30120 x 40 x 30BFM8690upon requestItem
Ferritplatte 130x40x20130 x 40 x 20BFM8500upon requestItem
Ferritplatte 155x110x23155 x 110 x 23BFM81885upon requestItem
Ferritstab 186x60x28186 x 60 x 28BFM81400upon requestItem
Ferritblock 200x100x40200 x 100 x 40BFM83480upon requestItem
Ferritplatte 225x126x20225 x 126 x 20BFM8upon requestItem
Ferritstab 279x60x28279 x 60 x 28BFM82150upon requestItem
Ferritscheibe 41x7,541 x 7,5BFM848upon requestItem
Ferritscheibe 41x2841 x 28BFM8165upon requestItem