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Power Loss Measurement System BLINZINGER BVM20
Power Loss measurement of soft magnetic ferrite cores according to IEC 62044-3 ferrite standard

The innovative solution for power loss testing of ferrite cores by BLINZINGER.
During the operation of inductive components like winding components power loss occurs – this power is being issued as heat to the environment. In this context ferrite cores cause power loss. The construction and quality of the materials used in ferrite cores significantly influences power loss of an inductance.

As a reaction on the lively interest of our customers on this topic, BLINZINGER Elektronik wanted to develop a measurement device, which offers testing and showing fast results of the described power loss in just one device.

The Power Loss Tester BVM20 is an important instrument for recording core losses and is therefore suitable for:

  • Manufacturers of soft magnetic materials and cores – to determine important information about the parameters and quality of their materials.
  • Manufacturers and customers of inductive components – to optimise the design of their components by selecting suitable magnetic materials and core shapes and thus to improve the energy efficiency of their products.

With the new BVM20 measuring device, we present an optimum solution for precise measurement of the power loss of ferrite cores.

The BVM20 measuring device is used to measure core losses in ferrite cores under realistic conditions. For this purpose, sinusoidal voltages are applied to the test specimen and voltage and current are measured. A power generator produces the sinusoidal test voltage, which can be set in 10mV steps up to 40V amplitude. The frequency range can be set from 1 kHz to 254 kHz in 1 kHz steps.

The device is operated via a touch panel. The measurement electronics are analysed using a fast 32-bit microcontroller. The voltage, current and power loss are measured in parallel. Voltage and current are measured as real effective values and then displayed as amplitude values. The power is also measured and displayed in real time. The bandwidth of the measuring device is 10 MHz. This means that the power loss is correctly recorded even with distorted signals.

The BVM20 can be used to measure small to medium-sized ferrites with an Ae of up to approx. 400mm² at 100 kHz with 100mT modulation. For larger core geometries, the measuring range can be extended using an optional adapter.

In addition to displaying the values on the internal display, an optional USB interface can be used to analyse and display the measured values externally on a PC. External control is also possible via the USB interface. Both options have not yet been implemented, but are planned for the near future.

Our system offers the following advantages:

  • Improved energy efficiency through selection of suitable core materials
  • Standardised measurement in accordance with IEC 62044-3
  • Measuring device with integrated generator
  • Measurement and visualisation of results in a single device
  • Measurements under realistic conditions
  • Affordable acquisition costs
  • Made in Germany
Voltage88 … 264 VAC124 … 370 VDC
Frequency47 … 63 Hz
Power Factor (typ.)>0.95/230 VAC>0.98/115 VAC
Input Current (typ.)3.8 A/230 VAC7.5 A/115 VAC

Output Generator
AC Voltage40 VAC max. amplitude
Current10 A max. amplitude
Frequency Range1 … 254 kHz sinusoidal in 1 kHz steps

Measurement Range
Methodaccording to IEC 62044-3
Input Voltage40 VAC max. amplitude
Range4 VAC, 12.5 VAC, 40 VAC
Current Range 110 A max. amplitude
Current Range 21 A max. amplitude
Multiplier0.1% linearity
Bandwidth> 15 MHz
Resolution ADC12 bit

Environmental Conditions
Working Temperature0 … 50 °C
Storage Temperature-20 … 85°C
Humidity20 … 90% RH, non condensing

Safety and EMC
Withstand Voltage1.5 kVAC
Isolation Resistance100 MOhm / 500 VDC / 25°C / 70% RH
EMC Emissioncompliant to EN55022 Klasse B
EMC Immunitycompliant to EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, EN55024, light industry level, criteria A

Dimensions480 x 300 x 130 mm (L x B x H)
Weight9,3 kg