EC ferrite cores

All EC-Cores comprising power materials BFM8
The cores are available as well comprising high permeable materials BFM2k, BFM6k and BFM10k.
Please contact us, if you are looking for other material specifications.


Today's electronics applications always require high quality in all areas. This quality must be based on reliable components.

Extensive program

We offer an extensive range of high-quality and reliable ferrite components.

Many years of experience

With almost 40 years of experience, we supply customers from a wide range of industries worldwide.

Ferrite materials

We offer our extensive range of ferrite cores in the materials BFM8 and BFM9 as well as in the high-permeability materials BFM2k, BFM3k, BFM6k BFM10k and BFM11k.

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Our EC ferrite core data sheets for download as PDF

Core shape / core sizeAL-Value (nH)±25%Core material /materialAir gap / AL value customer-specificDelivery as
EC35/17/102100BFM8upon requestItem
EC41/20/122700BFM8upon requestItem
EC52/24/143600BFM8upon requestItem
EC70/35/163900BFM8upon requestItem
EC90/45/307400BFM8upon requestItem
EC120/50/308000BFM8upon requestItem