Drive and energy leading to success! The Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

2016 is a very special year for the Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH – we are celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Founded in 1986, Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH is a well-established company in industry electronics today.

Blinzinger – 30th Anniversary

It all started with few machines and commodities and is a success story today – thanks to our truly committed employees and the Blinzinger Quality Products.

In this anniversary year, Günther Blinzinger – founder and managing director of Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH – gets the clear indication, that his company is heading in the right direction: “30 years in the market do not just show stability, but adaptability to the market demands and technological and economical power of persuasion as well.
“Important for our growth and success is our on-going ability to repeatedly re-invent ourselves and always be a step ahead of the economical and technical changes with innovative products” sums up Mr. Blinzinger. “Finally we are facing a permanent change in the electronics industry.”
After 30 successful years now, Günther Blinzinger thanks his customers, partners and consultants for the successful and pleasant cooperation in the last years and all his employees as well. “We will be a reliable and dependable partner for the industry in the future as well.”

Our anniversary year could not have started any better – right at the beginning of the year our company was presented with a supplier award from a renowned customer of the aviation and aerospace engineering industry.