At frist, the transmission of signals and power was realized by means of slip rings. But contactless solutions have meanwhile also established themselves on the market. Contactless signal/power transmission to rotating systems is a rapidly growing field.

In particular, the trend towards electromobility with its steadily increasing electrical power requirements makes contactless transmission more and more important. However, this type of signal/power transmission also makes sense for applications such as in the food industry, aerospace or medicine technology because an air gap between the components results in clear advantages over the technology with slip rings. This avoids mechanical stress, which reduces or even eliminates abrasion and noise. This represents clear added value compared to the version with a slip ring.

Large. And even larger.

Up to 300mm edge length/diameter in one piece!

A number of ferrite core manufacturers now offer ferrite cores as plates, blocks or as pot cores, which are intended for applications in inductive power transmission. However, these are very limited in size with diameters of up to 80 mm, which limits advances into higher performance classes. We at Blinzinger Elektronik can produce ferrite cores with an edge length or a diameter of up to 300mm.

And this as a one-piece component. Bonding of individual ferrite pieces is therefore not necessary up to this dimension. This is advantageous for rotating components and also reduces costs.
And of course the cores can not only be manufactured in individual dimensions with a precisely centered central axis, but also with customer-specific holes or grooves to be able to lay connection leads.

A leap forward.

Also small quantities for reasearch, development and prototype phase.

As a further special feature, our new engraving process enables us not only to produce large quantities of ferrite cores, but also to produce small quantities for our customers’ development and prototype phases.
This innovation is used not only by our industrial customers, but also by universities and research institutes with whom we work closely.


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Potcore 250mm - Ferrites