In addition to our standard PM core series, consisting of the types PM50, PM62, PM74, PM87 and PM114 and the matching coil formers, we also offer large-volume pot cores in customised designs up to a size of PM179 (AL31500nH).

These cores are available in our BFM8 and BFM9 power materials and are primarily designed for applications in power electronics, for example for transformers or chokes. The weight of a core set can reach up to 8 kilograms and more with our pot cores (please consider this when assembling the cores).
For other pot core types, such as P cores (pot cores), we achieve sizes of up to P150 with a height of 50 mm.
Customised dimensions and AL values due to changes/adaptation of air gaps can also be taken into account.

Other large ferrites are available from us in the designs E, EC, ETD, PQ, U, URR and as large toroidal cores.

Large-volume pot cores for transformers and chokes - PM ferrite cores up to PM179 PM ferrite cores up to PM179