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For more than 30 years we are manufacturer of industry electronics. Our developments, products and services are renowned worldwide for quality and reliability.

In industrial sectors such as regenerative energies, aviation and aerospace, electronic medical instrumentation, IT, telecommunication, drive technology, automotive industry, railway technology, mechanical engineering and others - our manufactured passive components (ferrite and custom-build winding materials like e. g. chokes, transformers, transducers, EMV components) or our power supply units like AC/DC and DC/DC switching power supplies are deployed throughout the world in a very wide range of high-tech applications.

In our business segment "Inductive Energy- and Data-Transmission" we develop and manufacture ready-made systems for contactless transmission of energy and/or data. Furthermore, we manufacture partial components like pot cores or complete rotary signal transmitters.

Our desire to form stable partnerships with our customers and to develop these partnerships to our mutual benefit provides the assurance that you made the right choice with BLINZINGER ELEKTRONIK GmbH.

Here you find detailed information about our company and our products.

Our Products


Soft-magnetic ferrite cores (MnZn) in standard sizes

E, EC, EFD, ELP, EP, ER, ETD, EVD, P, PM, PQ, I, U, URR, RM, toroidal cores

Large volume ferrite

Large ferrite cores (MnZn) for applications in power electronics

Custom-build ferrite

Machining ferrites, rework ferrites, air gaps mechanical or according to AL-value, changes of air gaps, special ferrites, bonding ferrites, separating toroidal cores, slitting toroidal cores

Ferrite blocks / Ferrite plates

Up to 300mm x 300m x 40mm

Ferrite cores with distributed air gaps

Lower losses due to distributed air gaps in ferrite cores.

Microwave ferrites

Microwave ferrites e.g. for aerospace electronics

Inductive components

Custom-build winding materials like transformers, chokes, transducers etc. EMV components

Inductive Energy- and Data Transmission

Development and manufacturing of ready-made systems for inductive transmission of energy and data, as well as partial components like rotary signal transmitters

Power Loss Tester

Standardized measurements of power loss of soft magnet ferrites according to IEC 62044-3

Power supplies

Customized switching power supplies

Our company

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We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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