• Große Ferritkerne für die Leistungselektronik.

    Large volume ferrite cores

    Large ferrite cores for applications in power electronic.

    for example:
    E cores up to E480,
    U-cores up to U320,
    PM-cores up to PM178,
    torodial cores up to T154

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Large-volume Ferrite cores for high power

Large Ferrite cores are used in many fields of power electronics such as solar technology (e. g. transformers for inverters), traction current, charging technology (charging electronics for electric vehicles), inductive heating and many more.

We offer such large-volume ferrite cores for applications with high power requirements. These large-volume ferrite cores are available in our power material BFM8 and in high permeable materials BFM2k and BFM6k. The BFM8 material offers very low power dissipation and was developed especially for applications with high currents. The frequency range extends up to 500 kHz - best material results are obtained within a working temperature range of -60° to 120° Celsius (- 76° to 248° Fahrenheit)

Large bobbins are available for many of our cores –
please send your detailed request.

Customer-specified air gaps can be individually inserted in the ferrite cores.




Please refer to the following chart of available large ferrite shapes.
Für unsere For information about standard cores please click here

E-CoresPower material/AL-Value(nH)
EC-CoresPower material/AL-Value(nH)
ETD-CoresPower material/AL-Value(nH)
P-Cores (Pot cores)Power material/AL-Value(nH)Power material/AL-Value(nH)
P70/31on demand
P80/42BFM8on demand
PM-CoresPower material/AL-Value(nH)Power material/AL-Value(nH)
U-CoresPower material / AL-Value(nH)
URR-CoresPower material / AL-Value(nH)
URR140/84/42BFM8/AL6100 NEW!
Toroidal cores Power material/
High permeable material/
Slotting toroidal cores on request

Delivery program

ELP / ILP – Cores 
P-CoresPot cores
Ring Cores(Ring core slotted or divided – also according to AL-Value – please request)
Double hole cores 
Pot cores(custom-build pot cores for rotary transformers or the sensor technique)
Ferrite blocks / Ferrite plates / Ferrite tiles in one piece(individual measurements or special forms like slants, grooves, stairs et cetera are available)
Ferrite assemblies(e. g. as ferrite assembly for inductive charging technique)
Ferrite cores for the aerospace industry or the explosion-hazardous area(Selected components with especially high quality standard)
Rod coresFerrite for antennas or transponder
Special cores / EMV materialplease send your request
Air gaps / custom-build ferrite coresAll core shapes can be provided with an individual air gap, mechanical or according to AL-Value.
Ferrite foils

Ferrites - soft-magnetic ferrite cores (MnZn)

Ferrite materials

Materials Manganese/Zinc

Our ferrite materials BFM8 and BFM9 are ideally suited for applications in power electronics. These materials excel especially in a very low dissipation property at a frequency from up to 500 kHz.

We offer the materials BFM8 and BFM 9 in a wide range of core shapes like: E, EC, EFD, ELP, EP, ER, ETD, EVD, P-Cores (shell cores), Planar, PM, PQ, I, U, URR, RM, toroidal cores as well as ferrite plate or ferrite block.

These power ferrites are being used in switching power supplies, transformers, chokes, as ferrite modules (charging electronic for electric vehicles, for example as ferrite module in inductive energy transmission) or medical technology.

Our high permeable ferrite materials are available in BFM2k, BFM3k, BFM6k and BFM10k versions.

For further Information about out materials please refer to the corresponding data sheets.

Initial permeability μi
Anfangspermeabilität μi - BFM8
Power loss PV / Temperature
Verlustleistung PV (kW/m3) BFM8
Power loss PV / Frequency
Verlustleistung PV (kW/m3)
Magnetic flux density B (mT)
Magnetische Sättigungsdichte B (mT) - BFM8
Specification ferrite material BFM8
BFM8 / BFM9 Leistungsmaterialien
Initial permeability μi
Anfangspermeabilität μi - BFM9
Power loss PV / Temperature
Verlustleistung PV (kW/m3) BFM9
Power loss PV / Frequency
Verlustleistung PV (kW/m3) - BFM9
Magnetic flux density B (mT)
Magnetische Sättigungsdichte B (mT) - BFM9
Specification ferrite material BFM9
BFM8 / BFM9 Leistungsmaterialien
Initial permeability μi
Anfangspermeabilität μi - BFM2k
Complex permeability
Komplexe Permeabilität - BFM2k
Typical B-H loops
Typische B-H Schleifen - BFM2k
High permeability material BFM2k
Hochpermeables Material BFM2k
Initial permeability μi
Anfangspermeabilität μi BFM3k
Complex permeability
Komplexe Permeabilität BFM3k
Typical B-H loops
Typische B-H Schleifen BFM3k
High permeability material BFM3k
Hochpermeables Material BFM3k
Initial permeability μi
Anfangspermeabilität μi - BFM6k
Complex permeability
Komplexe Permeabilität - BMF6k
Relative loss factor
Relative Verlustleistung - BMF6k
High permeability material BFM6k

Customized Ferrites / Air gaps / Special Ferrites / Ferrite machining / Measuring Ferrites

Are you looking for a matching air gap or AL-value for your Ferrite or toroidal core or a customized special ferrite core?

We are machining ferrite cores according to your requirements or design and manufacture totally new shapes and sizes.

Blinzinger - your reliable partner in ferrite cores.

Our company has been working with and matching ferrite cores to customers' specifications and requirements for more than 30 years. We are a reliable supplier for our customers and fulfil assigned tasks fast and flexible. We can modify virtually any shape of core.

- Manufacturing of new shapes and sizes, ferrite machining, ferrite reworking, ferrite cores with air gap, mechanical air gap or according to AL-value, air gap altering, special ferrites, electrical measuring of ferrites, bonding ferrites, separating ferrites (segmenting toroidal cores), Slotting toroidal cores and a lot more in relation to ferrite cores

Ferrite machining - our possibilities

Air gaps

  • Inserting high-precision air gaps (grinding air gap) to mechanical dimensions (minimum tolerances) or AL-value
  • Measuring/testing of ferrite cores according to different parameters: with our vast variety of measuring instruments (like LCR meter (4284A), Power Loss Tester (Blinzinger BVM20), Power Choke Test unit and climatic chamber) measurements can be performed in a wide frequency band or voltage range respectively and under operating on-load conditions.

More possibilities around ferrite cores

More possibilities around ferrite cores

  • Determine AL-value / calculate AL-value
  • Determine air gap /calculate air gap
  • Determine power loss (power loss measuring according to IEC 620-44-3 with the Blinzinger Power Loss Test unit BVM20)
  • Manufacturing of customized new core shapes or sizes (e. g. for evaluation testing or pre-production sample)
  • Reworking ferrites
  • Separating ferrites, parting ferrites
  • Separating rod ferrites, extending ferrite round bars
  • Enlarging coil windows, inserting grooves or openings for cable bushings
  • Large ferrite cores - manufacturing very large ferrite cores, e. g., for high-voltage transformers, power transformers, storage chokes
  • Manufacturing very large ferrite cores, e. g., for high-voltage transformers, power transformers, storage chokes
  • Bonding ferrites using adhesives especially suitable for this purpose
  • Printing the cores with the data you need (such as AL-value, air gap, date of manufacture, etc.)
  • Manufacturing of winding goods (measurement coils) for customized calibration of the ferrite cores
  • Following customer request, items can be despatched in ESD packaging (trays or blister)
  • Following customer request, quality control of the ferrite cores with digital microscope, e. g. for aerospace technology

And of course we also machine ferrite cores that you supply to us.

High quality ferrite components in small or large quantities at an interesting price.

If you have demanding technical requirements, and need precision and quality, then you have found the right partner in BLINZINGER ELEKTRONIK.

Ferrite machining – various forms in the middle bleb affect the AL-value
Ferrite machining – various forms in the middle bleb affect the AL-value
Ferrite machining – Prisms ferrite
Ferrite machining – Prisms ferrite
Pot cores, e. g. for rotary transformer with large center bore (centered) and grommet
Pot cores, e. g. for rotary transformer with large center bore (centered) and grommet
Large special cores for high power transformers
Large special cores for high power transformers

New shapes / Special ferrites / Custom-build ferrite shapes

But we don't just specialise in inserting air gaps or reshaping standard cores; we also machine completely new core shapes, or existing shapes but to new dimensions. We can manufacture these entirely to our customers' requirements - in small quantities or in millions.

Above all, our strengths are

  • Customised developments and special products
  • Full consultation service
  • High quality standard
  • Short delivery time
  • Favourable prices

Applications for these ferrite cores include everything from micro components for the telecommunication and automobile industries to very large components, for example, for machine building or medical engineering.

Some examples ferrite cores

E-Core with rooftop polish
E-Core with rooftop polish
Ferrite disc with axle hole and slot
Ferrite disc with axle hole and slot
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ferrite machining
Ring-Core with air gap
Ring-Core with air gap
Ferrite disc for rotary transformers
Ferrite disc for rotary transformers
Ferrite block with ramp
Ferrite block with ramp
Ferrite machining - Octogon
Ferrite machining - Octogon
Pot cores, e. g. for rotary transformer with grommet
Pot cores, e. g. for rotary transformer with grommet
P-Core with air gap / Vertical machining
P-Core with air gap / Vertical machining
Ferrite machining - Stepped air gap
Ferrite machining - Stepped air gap
Ferrite machining – spread air gap
Ferrite machining – spread air gap

Assembly and mechanical loads of ferrite cores
Ferrite cores are subject to various loads during assembly and other applications. As a ceramic material ferrite cores are brittle and react strongly to mechanical shock - this has to be taken into consideration under mechanical loads.
Mechanical shock, like rapid changing tensile or pressure loads, rapid temperature changes, as well as high static or cyclic loads may lead to failures of the cores like cracks and breaks.

Ferrite cores might warm up during operation due to higher frequencies and increase of the magnetical flux density.

Effects of tensions in core combinations on the AL-value
The mechanical and also the magnetical properties can be influenced by tensions in the core. There is a dependency of the initial permeability and the state of stress of the core. The higher the tension in the core, the lower is the value of the initial permeability. Impregnating and potting compounds should therefore have an elasticity as large as possible. Mechanical loads to the cores through expansion of the impregnating and potting compounds under temperature interference should receive attention.

Individual customer applications
Usually Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH does not know individual applications of customers or is less familiar with it like the customer himself. Therefore, should be considered, that the customer himself has to evaluate and decide, whether Blinzinger Elektronik products are suitable/applicable for the particular individual application.
Please note that, according to the current state of technology, electronic components may have malfunctions and/or breakdowns before end of their usual operating life - even when operated according to specifications. This cannot be completely ruled out.
If a customer runs applications, which require a high level of operational safety (especially applications, which could constitute a hazard to the health and/or the life of humans or animals when an electronic component malfunctions and/or breaks down), the customer has to ensure - by appropriate means of construction of the application or by other actions provided by the customer - that no injury or damage is sustained by third parties in the event of malfunction or failure of an electronic component.

Please note:
For custom-made products or components deviating from the standard scope of supply the right of return or cancellation is excluded.

Schalenkern P84/30 in BFM8 von Blinzinger