Inductive Components / Transformers

Manufacturing of inductive components depending on customer´s requirement

Winding goods and bobbins of all kinds,
Custom-build winding materials


Today's electronics applications always require high quality in all areas. This quality must be based on reliable components.

Extensive program

We offer an extensive range of high-quality and reliable ferrite components.

Many years of experience

With almost 40 years of experience, we supply customers from a wide range of industries worldwide.

Passion for Passives - Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH

Transformers / Inductive Components

Since 1986 our company is concentrated on the design and manufacturing of customer-specific magnetic components like transformers, chokes, transducers, toroidal core windings, as well as other winding materials and components. Ever since that time our developments and products stand for innovation and quality.

Long years of experience, know-how and continuous extension of our manufacturing capability lead to a wide product portfolio. Our production is equipped with high-precision computer-controlled winding machines, that produce maximum quality and are furthermore capable to react flexible on new demands. This puts us in the position to comply with highest technical requirements. Our inductivity are used in the most important industry divisions and of some of the renowned manufacturers worldwide – and easily meet all standards of function and reliability thanks to their high quality.

Our winding materials are designed and manufactured to customers’ specifications: from straightforward to very complex components, from single pieces (e. g. as high-voltage transformer) to large production runs (e. g. as transformers and transducers for telecommunication). To achieve a product that meets our customers’ expectations, we offer advice and assistance as it develops, from the design stage through to the finished series manufactured product.

Inductive components
Customised winding goods
Use of modern materials
Vacuum soaked or vacuum encapsulated components on request
Inductors for the EX protection area on request
ESD packaging on request
Compliance with current EU directives

Our strength is especially the production of::

  • Winding materials on standard coils
  • Winding materials based on toroidal cores (toroidal coil winding)
  • Customer-specific winding materials e. g. as:
    • Transducers e. g. as switching power supply transformer
    • Transformers
    • Planar inductance
    • Low profile transducers
    • Transducers in SMD technique
    • Copper foil windings
    • Special formats and constructions
    • Coil of all kind
    • Inductance for hazardous areas
    • Coils as multi chamber construction
    • Highly insulated winding strands
    • ESD-protected packaging
    • Further designs / variations – see below

Prepared for the future by using latest materials
In our winding materials we use latest core materials like ferrite, amorphous or koolµ materials. The components can be vacuum-soaked or vacuum-casted (e. g. in casings) – whatever fits our customers´ needs best. On customers´ request UL-listed components are used and for applications in explosion protection we surely find a suitable solution. The control of our components is processed with high quality measurement and testing devices; for special testing requirements even with devices developed especially to a specific application by us.

Inductive Components / Custom-build winding materials „Made in Germany“

Of course we are producing all our winding materials in Germany. This enables us to maintain our high quality standard – today and in the future. We pay particular attention to the fact, that all our products and materials comply with the current EC regulations.
Winding materials / Inductive passive Components in designs and variations as (examples):

Flat transformer, high-frequency transformer, high-voltage transformer, impulse transformer, small transformer, power transformer, print transformer, toroidal core transformer, current transformer, special transformer

Transducer, current transducer / low-voltage current transducer
Drive transformer, switching power supply transformer, power transducer, HF transducer, signal transducer, converter transformer, interface transformer, driving transformer, high-voltage transformer, choke coil, wide band choke coil, driver transformer, impulse transformer

Radio interference suppression, PFC choke, current-compensated choke, rod and toroidal core choke, power inductor, multiple throttle, suppression choke for switching power supplies, choke coil, wide band choke coil, linearity coil

Ring winding
Toroidal core transformer, toroidal tape core, ferrite toroidal core, toroidal core choke, toroidal core transducer

self-bonding coil, taping coil (copper foil coil), ferrite core coil, bodiless coil, air coil, magnetic coil, solenoid, sensor coil

Rod coil
antenna coil, RFID antenna
RFI (radio frequency interference) filter

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