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Assembly and mechanical loads of ferrite cores
Ferrite cores are subject to various loads during assembly and other applications. As a ceramic material ferrite cores are brittle and react strongly to mechanical shock - this has to be taken into consideration under mechanical loads.
Mechanical shock, like rapid changing tensile or pressure loads, rapid temperature changes, as well as high static or cyclic loads may lead to failures of the cores like cracks and breaks.

Ferrite cores might warm up during operation due to higher frequencies and increase of the magnetical flux density.

Effects of tensions in core combinations on the AL-value
The mechanical and also the magnetical properties can be influenced by tensions in the core. There is a dependency of the initial permeability and the state of stress of the core. The higher the tension in the core, the lower is the value of the initial permeability. Impregnating and potting compounds should therefore have an elasticity as large as possible. Mechanical loads to the cores through expansion of the impregnating and potting compounds under temperature interference should receive attention.

Individual customer applications
Usually Blinzinger Elektronik GmbH does not know individual applications of customers or is less familiar with it like the customer himself. Therefore, should be considered, that the customer himself has to evaluate and decide, whether Blinzinger Elektronik products are suitable/applicable for the particular individual application.
Please note that, according to the current state of technology, electronic components may have malfunctions and/or breakdowns before end of their usual operating life - even when operated according to specifications. This cannot be completely ruled out.
If a customer runs applications, which require a high level of operational safety (especially applications, which could constitute a hazard to the health and/or the life of humans or animals when an electronic component malfunctions and/or breaks down), the customer has to ensure - by appropriate means of construction of the application or by other actions provided by the customer - that no injury or damage is sustained by third parties in the event of malfunction or failure of an electronic component.

Please note:
For custom-made products or components deviating from the standard scope of supply the right of return or cancellation is excluded.

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