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    Convincing quality is our most effective way in order to meet the requirements of the market now and in the future.

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In almost no other industry reliability and quality play the more important role than in electronics.

Our goal is manufacturing products in high quality.
That is why we implemented a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our next focus - a high product quality provided - is customer satisfaction. Reaching this high quality standard is the basis for the positive development of our company.


Environment protection plays an important role for the BLINZINGER ELEKTRONIK GmbH. As a manufacturer we acknowledge the special responsibility we have, to conserve the natural foundation of life. It is our aim to strike a balance between environmental concerns and the interests of our company. Environmental protection consequently is a mandatory element of our business activity. The future-oriented and sustainable environment policy is a constant responsibility on our upcoming generations.

Business success and ecological responsibility are no contradiction in terms for us.

At the same time, we also see an interaction between ecology and economy. Economy does not have future prospects without responsible treatment of the environment, and ecology without view of efficiency is a danger to prosperity and the entrepreneurial mere existence. We face the challenge to join both principles.

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